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Carpets are still very popular and offer the most comfort of all our flooring range. With such a diverse range on offer, we’re confident you’ll find something you love. With our expert advice, we can offer guidance when choosing from our variety of styles, colours, textures and fabrics. Whether you are looking for a classic or contemporary look, your floor will be transformed into instant luxury.


Carpet selection and installation are very straightforward. You choose the carpet from our vast selection of samples. We'll take care of the ordering, delivering and the full installation including removal of the old floor covering.

Many samples to choose from

Carpets are labelled into three different classifications:


A twist pile is where the pile (or tuft) has been finely twisted and then twisted around another finely twisted pile, this helps to prevent crushing.


A velvet pile carpet is where the piles are straight and generally cut short, for strength.


A natural carpet is where the piles are 'looped' over and made into patterns varying from a criss-cross to bobbles. Sea grass and sisals fall into this category.

green twist.jpg
Flatweave Limestone.jpeg
The price of carpets, no matter the classification, is determined by the quality of the material used. It is also decided by the amount of material used per square inch, aka the pile weight. A 30 oz carpet has half as much raw material being used as in a 60 oz carpet, and this is reflected in the price. The carpet that has a pile weight of 60 oz will also appear fuller if compared to the same carpet of a lesser weight.
Carpets come in a variety of plain colours or multitonal colours. They are also available in different backings (hessian, action, and felt) which will affect the price of the same carpet with a different backing. With all of these facts combined you are sure to find a carpet that suits not only your needs, but also the needs of the surrounding area.
red loop pile carpet
twist pile

Contact us to discuss your carpet needs.

For commercial propertys carpet tiles or or broardloom carpets are highly recomended. This is due to their resiliant and often impervious nature.

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