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Laminate flooring

Balterio is a laminate wood flooring with lengths varying 1192mm to 2039mm, depths ranging from 6 mm to 10 mm. The widths of this product range from 189 mm to 282 mm. 

Elka flooring Has a range in depths from 7 mm to 8 mm. The lenghs of the boards range from 1200mm to 1380mm. The widths measure 156mm - 190mm.

Quickstep laminate flooring boards vary from 1200mm - 2050mm. The widths range from 156mm to 408mm and the depths measure between 7mm and 9.5mm.

Finsa laminate flooring is available in depths iof between 7mm - 10mm.

The lengths are available between 1200mm - 1310mm, and the widths are 132 mm and 189mm.


Sensa flooring consists of boards that are 6mm - 10mm in depth, 160 mm - 282mm in width and 605mm - 1290mm in length.

Egger board lengths are 1292mm and with widths between 192mm- 282mm.The depths vary between 7mm - 11mm. 







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