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Solid wood flooring

Junkers solid wood flooring has 3 collections in depths 14, 20.5 & 22mm The lenghs are random and rhe widths are 120, 185 & 140mm. the are several spieces of wood available in a plank and two strip form in 3 diferent finishes

Elka Solid wood flooring isavailable in random lenghs. Available in oil and laqure finishes, They have a depth of 18mm with a width of 130mm

Hadlow solid wood flooring is available in as a unfinished board. The lengths are random in length. There are 5 variations in width, 57mm, 83mm, 130mm, 160mm, 180mm, all in a 20mm depth.

Boen solid wood flooring is available in a oiled finish with a random length. There a 3 different variations in width 137mm, 162mm or 187mm but all have a 20mm depth.

Atkinson and kirby solid wood flooring is available in 18mm and 20mm depths. There Are 13 variations in the width from 57mm to 220mm, and the lengths are random.





Atkinson & Kirby


Staki solid wood flooring is avalible in 14mm and 20mm depths. The products are random in length, either oiled or laquered and aviailabe in 3 different greades, in 2 different collections. All are also available unfinished.

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