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Engineered wood flooring


BOEN is a engineered wood flooring with varying lenghs and depths ranging from 10 mm to 20 mm. The widths of this product range from 68 mm to

300 mm. Oil and laqure finishes avilable within 300+ samples.

Elka flooring Has a range in depths from 12.5 mm to 22 mm. The lenghs of the boards range from 150mm to 1860mm, with some available in random lenghs. Available in oil and laqure finishes.

Hadlow is available in oiled and laqured finishes. The lengths are random in length. The widths range from 180 mm to 260 mm and the depth is 20 mm

Herga wood flooring is available in depths iof between 14mm - 20mm.

The lengths are between 1860mm - 1900mm. 

Available in oiled and laqured finishes.

Kahrs flooring consists of boards that are 15mm in depth, 150 mm - 200mm in width and 1800mm - 2423mm. The finishes on the boards are oil and laqure.

The little oak flooring company boards vary in lengths between 1830mm - 1900mm and with widths between 127mm- 240mm.The depths vary between 14mm - 21mm. The finishes are Oil and laqure.

Staki engineered wood's width is from 150mm to 220mm and the lengths are r2400 with a variety of oiled finishes.








The Little Oak flooring co.

Staki avilable as 2400mm in lengh. It has two depths 15 and 20 mm. The 15mm board is 180mm wide and the 20mm board has a width of 220mm. It is availble as oak that is stained and finish in oil.

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